10 Year Anniversary!

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1. My business and how I got started:

I started my agency in April 2002. Bella is a boutique agency located in NYC specializing in beauty, fashion, health/lifestyle and entertainment  At a young age of 24, I decided to start my own company. Before then, I worked in a large PR firm for almost 3 ½ years and then moved on to a smaller agency where I stayed for about four months.  I always knew one day I was going to work for myself, one way or another.  Before my PR career started, I was studying at the Lee Strasberg school for acting while I was finishing up my BA at Hofstra University .  After a few years of auditioning and doing small plays in the city, I started working at a PR Firm and fell in love with the trade! It was my calling! The rest is history

2. Why my product/service is better than the competition:

At Bella, my clients truly feel they have their own in-house PR with us.  I still have clients that have been with me since day one I started Bella 8 years and that says a lot about our client relationship.  We are always available to our clients and they absolutely love our creativity!

3. A typical day for me:

Going to the gym in the morning (yes, I’m a morning person) arrive at the office 9:30ish….pitching new biz, managing the office, constant brainstorming ideas with the Bella girls, and finding ways to make Bella more successful. Usually leave the office at 6:00 and head out to events and parties. Entertaining and meeting new people is very important to do in this industry it’s all about networking!

4. What I love most about my business:

Few things: My girls who have become my family and of course great success for our clients. Our pink chandelier in the office and most importantly, big wins!

5. I’m cool because:

My family thinks so.

6. If my friends nominated me for an award, it would be “Most Likely to…”:

Make things happen!

7. A movie made about my life it would be named:

Follow your gut

8. Strangest thing you’d find in my fridge, wallet or closet:

Food obviously in the fridge…even though I’m 100% Italian I prefer to eat out every night!

9. Personal qualities I admire most in others:

The people that are in my life, I admire everything about them!

10. Three things I hope to accomplish in the next five years:

Bella becomes bigger, starting a family and staying healthy!

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