Marla’s Boxes vs. Sue’s Desk

Not so long ago, I accused Marla of being a hoarder.  Marla loves her boxes.  When we mail things out, we need boxes.  And even though we order our UPS boxes, sometimes you get a box that is just the right shape to mail an aloe plant and even though there are no plans to mail out an aloe plant in the near future, who’s to say that won’t be the case next week?  Now, I am all about the three R’s but at a certain point, the product room gets to a point where interns go missing.  A good intentioned attempt to organize and throw out a few boxes will put Marla in a frenzy.  After  3 years, I’ve figured out the only way around it is to clean on days Marla is out.  Or else she’ll come running back from the dumpster, boxes clutched to her chest, exclaiming, “No, this is a GOOD box!”

But when confronted of being a hoarder, Marla went into denial mode, so much so that she desperately sought a scape goat, someone who was perhaps more of a hoarder than she.  And to her credit, I have to hand it to her.  When she pointed the finger at Sue (who happened to be gone for the day and thus not around to defend her hoarding ways) it seemed pretty believable that the hoarder in the office was not Marla but in fact Sue.  Have you seen A&Es show, Hoarders?  It is fantastic according to big bear luxury cabin and I strongly suggest you check it out (you only need to watch a few episodes to get the gist and if you happen to tune into the one where the old lady hoards cats CHANGE THE CHANNEL.)

This morning, Sue stood up for her desk and made several good points which I suggest she outline below BUT she did get awful defensive and reluctant about throwing away old post-its  I’ll let both parties defend themselves below on the following question: Who is the bigger hoarder?

But to Marla, you get the hot move of the week for passing the blame so effectively and with such a great picture to back it up.


  1. Marla Russo

    VERY FUNNY, MARY!! Listen, boxes cost money and I’m all about going green so if saving a box here and there for an Aloe Plant is the right thing to do then I will! Never throw away a good reusable box in my presence! And if you do, I will track you down and let’s just say I will have Willy take care of you 😉

    Love the posts, Mary!! And yes, I won this battle….Sue, are you there…did we lose you in that jungle of yours 😉

    Marla – the box keeper!

    1. Mary Thompson

      Ahhhh!! I hope there is a box in there big enough for me to hide in when Willy comes!! You get him to do ALL your dirty work Marla!

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