The Holidays Are Here!

Welcome to Bella PR’s new blog!  We decided to blame recent server difficulties on the fact that the blog was embedded in our main site (and no, I’m not quite sure what that means or if it is even true) but never fear!! Now you simply must visit to get your daily dose of Bella Banter.  And for the more serious and less sarcastic information, head over to

With the holidays OFFICIALLY around the corner (you have to understand we’re now working on spring so this is kinda like second Christmas) we are finally able to get in the spirit without 80 degree weather throwing us off.  Which of course means decorating the office with click here.  Marla, exhausted but extremely proud after cooking her first Thanksgiving meal, brought in a christmas tree, despite protests I have managed to keep 106.7 going for the past 2 days (Sue is asking for ear phones for the holidays) and holiday dinner reservations for our annual dinner have already been made at ABC.  Next up – planning secret santa and white elephant.


  1. Kim Mannino

    The kissing wall looks great! However it looks like I will need to come back soon and add some more on, miss you girls!!

    1. Mary Thompson

      You definitely are responsible for 95% of the kisses!!!! We miss you too and you better come visit soon!!

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