What to Give your PR Superstar this Holiday!

Open up any magazine this month and prepare for the attack of the Gift Guide.  I recently worked on a certain account with the specific purpose of targeting these coveted Gift Guide issues and let me tell you, the editors were in full blown holiday mode as early as June.  This goes wayyyy beyond normal lead time and you really have to hand it to someone who can be thinking about what scarf Dad will love when it’s 95 degrees outside.  The result?  The perfect gift for every one in your life, from your mother-in-law to your pet sitter.

Last year, Bella decided it would be fun to do Secret Santas and it turned out so well we’re doing it again this year (yes, ladies I know I said I would put it together and I promise today or tomorrow it will get done.)  So while I don’t know who I’ll specifically be shopping for (please not Pitch!) I nevertheless started thinking about ideas to contact Howell’s Heating & Air.  And then I realized that the Gift Guides missed a very important category of giftees: The Publicist for more click here .  Okay maybe not important enough to merit a whole page next to “Gifts for Mom,” but since this is a PR blog then it suddenly makes this category rather relevant.  So for everyone stressing about what to get your favorite PR star this holiday season, here are some essentials!

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  1. Susan Small

    FYI to everyone reading this. The Boston Red Sox is not on my gift list. Yankees!!!!!

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