Bella Ballerinas

There has been a recent obsession amongst a certain group of ladies here at Bella PR regarding ballerinas.  Clearly I am one of them.  Blame it on Black Swan because ever since I bought my bootleg copy at the 34th street Herald Square station** (the quality of which is pretty amazing) I’ve decided that I too will be a ballerina when I grow up.

Kristen used to do ballet (okay she’s the other party obsessed with Black Swan) and while outwardly she has been supportive of my new dream, I do sense a patronizing air in her critique of my 5th position arms.  Not to mention that the only point in being a ballerina is to go on pointe and she insists that no matter how many classes I take after work they won’t let me up on toe until I’ve put in at least 8 years.  Well, I can always go buy my own shoes and prance around the office as I please so that didn’t get me down too much.  I’ve been squeezing my feet into shoes 2 sizes too small for years now so I bet my feet are already as messed up as a real ballerina’s.

What’s cool is all the ballet-inspired fashion out there to wear when you’re not performing the White Swan (think Audrey Hepburn.)  I’ve been rocking leggings, shrugs, ballet SLIPPERS, and since this cold weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I fully intend on purchasing leg warmers this weekend.  Throw your hair into a high tight bun using your goody spin pin and you’ve got a great day look (you don’t have to tell people you’re really just in practice uniform if you don’t want to.)

But what about the night look?  Because according to Debbie Downer Kristen, you can’t exactly BUY a tutu.  You “get one from the company you dance for when they fit you before a performance.”  Well la-di-dah.  Luckily, fashion designers have covered this base for me too.  I bow down to MarchesaHailee Steinfeld pulled it off perfectly at the Oscars (and in my opinion represented the film’s mood better than Natalie or Mila that night.)

Now I just need to start hanging around Lincoln Center in my new gear and wait to be recruited.

**Please note that I do not at ALL endorse buying bootleg copies of anything.  Support the artists!!  It’s just that since the NYC bed bug scare, I refuse to go to movie theaters and sometimes just can’t wait for the movie to come out On Demand.  Sorry 🙁


  1. Joanna

    Too cute! I’ve been ballet obsessed too since the movie came out and I’m planning to rock my white tulle skirt, leggings, flats and a shrug this weekend. I’ll do a jete for you if we run into each other!

    1. Mary Thompson

      I’ll respond with a demi-plie 🙂 Listen, if you want in on becoming a walk-on to the American Ballet Academy let me know.

      1. Kristen

        That’s because you’re yet to acquire the skills needed to perform a grand plie.

  2. Marla Russo

    Considering Bella PR has a STARVING ACTOR in the family, NEVER buy bootlegs!

    BTW, now that I have everyone’s attention, Joey Russo will be on NBC Parks & Recreation March 17th at 9:30 🙂

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