Making Meaning Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Making Sense…

Last week the Bella Girls braved the rain and headed uptown to Make Meaning Pottery for  our new monthly Team Building exercise (only after a guarantee that wine would be served.)

Our pottery concierge Tiffany showed us the ropes and gave us some inside tips (you can do a mean flicker technique with a toothbrush) and then left us to our own devices.  Making pottery involves lots of decisions.  First off, what do you make when you’re given a choice of like 580 different pieces (it was so much easier in elementary school when you went to the pottery place for birthdays and were limited to a specific section of the wall – dinosaur or Bambi?)  Then of course your color palette.  And then- to speckle or not to speckle?

I do believe that this qualified as team building if only because the end results were such depictions of our individuality and umm… special-ness.

Butter Dish by Mary (according to Rachel, “of course you would choose that one considering you want to open up an Anthropologie store.”  Note however the inscription “more cowbell” on the inside.  Anthropologie has so not thought of that one yet with landscape design san diego county .  I am creative and like to make pretty things and pretend that I’ll maybe one day use them even though chances are slim to none that anything kitchen related will get much wear.  But if I ever do bake a cake I’ll be sure to store the butter in this dish and wear my frilly apron while I’m at it.)

Wine Glass by Sue (pretty sure it was supposed to be pink.  Not sure what to call the color it ended up being.  You can’t tell in the picture but she did not bother to paint the inside.  Sue is practical and no nonsense.  Especially when it comes to happy hour.)

Mermaid and Penguin by Kristen (The penguin is supposedly a gift for her mom which is sweet.  The mermaid falls under the making no sense category.  Note hers is the one with brown hair.  What does this say about KP?  Thoughtful and… okay next.)

Mermaid and Piggy Bank by Rachel (Piggy Bank is also a gift with a pretty clever hidden innuendo.  For info on mermaid refer above.  Rachel is not as innocent as she may first appear apparently… hmmm…)

Beer Mug by Alex (as a new member of the Bella team it was great to hang out with Alex and her “what happened last night” beer mug holds promise of fun times ahead  I think she is the type to hold your hair back and not judge the next morning.)

Card Holder for Marla (as Marla was unable to attend, we decided to make her a card holder so she could put her business cards someplace more professional than a cardboard box.  Upon opening it she thanked us profusely for the napkin holder.  What is this, a center for ANTS? Yes that is our pink chandelier lovingly painted on the front by someone clearly very talented.)

Any suggestions for where we should take the party next month?


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