Au Revoir!!

This will be my last week working at Bella PR.  I really hate sentimentality and have a terrible habit of leaving in the middle of the night to avoid goodbyes because you always have the choice of staying in touch with the people you care about.  I always liked how the French use “Au Revoir” or “A bientot” – the first translates to “until next time I see you”, the second “until soon” both of which insinuate a continuing relationship.  So in that spirit, I’d rather skip the sappy goodbye memories and just list a few of my favorite moments from the past 4 1/2 years…

  1. Halloween 2011- the impromptu costume contest broke like 3 of my ribs.  Sue Small – your outfit took the least time and effort but won in my book hands down (Sue dressed up as a certain office maintenance person and lightly dusted the chandelier while drinking a glass of champagne and rocking out to “She works hard for her money.”)
  2. Going with Marla on a blind date.  Guess who got stuck watching a pharmaceutics slideshow in the middle of Kingswood during happy hour?  Not Marla.
  3. Holiday Dinner 1 at Nobu – night ended at Scores.  Holiday Dinner 2 at Nobu – night ended with me giving my words with friends name to Alec Baldwin.  Still waiting for the invitation Alec…
  4. Kissing the wall
  5. The Princess Blogger party.  I was wearing an apron, a handkerchief in my hair, had makeup smudged all over my face and was carrying around a broom.  One of the bloggers came up to me at the end and admitted she had only just realized I was dressed up as the pre-fairy godmother Cinderella.
  6. White Elephant with Marla’s dad.
  7. Casa Nonna  boozy bella brainstorms.  Girls, looks like you’ll have to find a new joint thanks to KP.
  8. When Marla poured hot water into Pitch’s tank to “make him cozy.”  Pitch went rigid, did a couple flops and almost definitely was dead for a few minutes.  He is one resilient fish.
  9. Saving Sue’s life one night.  “Sue I watch enough Law and Order to know that you should NOT get in that cab.”  And knowing who to call if I ever get in a pinch that involves storming a club and humiliating a two-timing lameass DJ.
  10. Spending an entire day putting together the pink chandelier.  With no instructions.  Only to have Willy practically break it while he was installing it.  In his defense, “Pinky” as he began to call it, did shock him a few times.  That was my favorite day ever.
  11. Fixing everything / putting things together/ being in charge of office maintenance.
  12. Starting out with only a vague idea of what I was doing and learning from such patient, amazing women.  Sue Small and Meredith Morville – love you both!!  And Marla, I think it goes without saying.
  13. All of the interesting and inspiring people that this job put me in touch with from co-workers to interns, clients and editors.

I’m moving to Kansas City – it’s where both of my sisters now live and living so far from them has been hard and I am very excited – both to be with them and for a total life change and all the adventures that come along with it.  But in no means is this goodbye.  And by no means can I promise that the next person who takes over Bella’s blog will be as insightful, intelligent, thoughtful or hilarious as me.

xoxo Mary

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