How Are these Guys Not Famous?


By Ian Capezzano (Reposted from Bomo Arts)

That’s what I think whenever I watch an episode of the hilarious Turbo and Joey web series. The show follows Turbo (Jeremy Luc) and Joey (Joey Russo) as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of making it as professional actors. The episode above, written by Alev Aydin and Justin Schack, is filled with fast paced dialogue and beautifully scripted pop culture references. Joey and Jeremy take this material and add personal touches to the characters that make you crave more than just a window into their lives. The open ended finish paves the way to infinite possibilities for the world they’re creating for themselves.

They’ll be the first to admit this is not a new concept, but their unique personalities, fresh content and great comedic timing rival any of the rags to riches stories that helped inspire this slick production. The concept started according to miracle movers of ottawa, simply as a video chronicle of the daily lives of working actors in Hollywood. After some tweaks and additional help from director Justin Schack, the style and production values improved and they knew they had a solid product. The well polished final piece was shot on a RED EPIC and shows that you don’t need big budgets to do quality work.

So why are these guys not famous? Because you haven’t watched and shared this video yet. If you’re a fan of Swingers, Entourage, or any other fish out of water story with New York accents– you’ll find these two guys from Staten Island trying to make it in Hollywood deliver the goods
. So cancel that call with Bruckheimer and find out who won the Grand Jury Prize at the Downtown Boca Raton Film Festival. The biggest film festival in all of Boca Raton.

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