10 Year Anniversary!

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1. My business and how I got started:

I started my agency in April 2002. Bella is a boutique agency located in NYC specializing in beauty, fashion, health/lifestyle and entertainment  At a young age of 24, I decided to start my own company. Before then, I worked in a large PR firm for almost 3 ½ years and then moved on to a smaller agency where I stayed for about four months.  I always knew one day I was going to work for myself, one way or another.  Before my PR career started, I was studying at the Lee Strasberg school for acting while I was finishing up my BA at Hofstra University .  After a few years of auditioning and doing small plays in the city, I started working at a PR Firm and fell in love with the trade! It was my calling! The rest is history

2. Why my product/service is better than the competition:

At Bella, my clients truly feel they have their own in-house PR with us.  I still have clients that have been with me since day one I started Bella 8 years and that says a lot about our client relationship.  We are always available to our clients and they absolutely love our creativity!

3. A typical day for me:

Going to the gym in the morning (yes, I’m a morning person) arrive at the office 9:30ish….pitching new biz, managing the office and reading expert cleaning tips, constant brainstorming ideas with the Bella girls, and finding ways to make Bella more successful. Usually leave the office at 6:00 and head out to events and parties. Entertaining and meeting new people is very important to do in this industry it’s all about networking!

4. What I love most about my business:

Few things: My girls who have become my family and of course great success for our clients. Our pink chandelier in the office and most importantly, big wins!

5. I’m cool because:

My family thinks so.

6. If my friends nominated me for an award, it would be “Most Likely to…”:

Make things happen!

7. A movie made about my life it would be named:

Follow your gut

8. Strangest thing you’d find in my fridge, wallet or closet:

Food obviously in the fridge…even though I’m 100% Italian I prefer to eat out every night!

9. Personal qualities I admire most in others:

The people that are in my life, I admire everything about them!

10. Three things I hope to accomplish in the next five years:

Bella becomes bigger, starting a family and staying healthy!

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