All That Embodies A NYC PR Girl


Her iPhone is always in hand.

E-mails turn into the current day replacement for texting. Did you say G-chat?

No is not an option.

Celebrity News is more important than real news.  K-Stew cheated on R Pats, say what?!

Her heels are as high as her dreams.

She walks with confidence, poise and a smile.

Upon entering a new hot-spot restaurant she immediately tells friends she could easily plan the perfect event here.

Her smile is her best accessory. (Well, excluding her Alexander McQeen silk skull scarf).

Chipped nails unwelcomed.

Often cuts lines (not on purpose, she just gets asked to).

She’s up-to-date on all the popular reality shows.  (Still thankful Bachelorette Emily chose Jef with one ‘f’)

Rolls with an amazing crowd

Makes friends with random strangers everywhere: malls, lines, the grocery store, nail salon, you name it.

She keeps her head up at all times.

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