In Case of Emergency: Beauty Products to Keep Stashed at Your Desk

We’ve all been there before, sitting at work when suddenly you have a beauty emergency and you can’t sneak out of the office to the nearest drug store. To top it off, you have a big, important meeting that you need to look perfect for. No need to worry, we have your back. We’ve rounded up our top beauty products to keep at your desk that will bail you out of any situation and keep you looking fresh through anything that gets thrown your way throughout the day.

Oil Blotting Sheets


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Having excess oil on your face doesn’t just look bad; it can also break down your foundation and turn it into a streaky, cakey mess. Oil blotting sheets are a gift from the heavens for those with oily skin. They conveniently and quickly absorb the extra oil leaving you looking as matte and fresh-faced as you did before you left the house. And unlike toilet paper, they don’t smear or smudge your makeup.



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Let’s face it, we always look better in the morning light. Don’t let that one stray hair you didn’t notice this morning before you left drive you crazy all day. Keep a pair of tweezers at your desk to perfect your eyebrows, or get out that splinter you have no idea how you got.

Red Lipstick


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Nothing takes you from day to night or makes you feel as confident than a great red lipstick. Whether you got asked on a last minute office lunch or need a midday confidence booster before facing the boss, red lipstick instantly takes your look from basic to banging in two easy swipes.

Dry Shampoo


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This magical spray is so amazing, we use it even on the days we wash our hair! Not only does it absorb oil, it also gives just the right amount of volume and texture to hair without weighing it down. Keep a travel size bottle at your desk to refresh your hair and give it a little extra oomph.

Roller Ball Perfume


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Your morning spritz will be long gone by the time your afternoon appointments roll around. While spraying perfume in the middle of the office may be a little much for your coworkers, you can discretely re-apply your perfume to your wrists and neck with a small roller ball version of your favorite scent.



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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Working long hours and stress not only causes your deodorant to fade away, but it can also make you to sweat more. Keep a travel-sized deodorant at your desk to touch up throughout the day.

Teasing Comb


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Give yourself a midday boost with a little extra hair volume. No need to go teasing crazy, but giving your hair a little tease at the crown makes you look more pulled together and like you took extra time to get ready in the morning, when really you can accomplish a poof in under a minute in the work bathroom.



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Don’t let that blemish ruin your big presentation! Be prepared with your favorite concealer so you can cover up any pimples, red spots or under eye circles and fake your way to a perfect complexion.



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Staring at a screen all day can be exhausting on your eyes, causing them to water and you to rub them more. Fake looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed by lining your eyes to make them pop.


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Vaseline is not only a great lip balm, it also has many other benefits you may not know about. First is using Vaseline to combat blisters on your feet. If you’re wearing new shoes or have a pair that pinches your toes, putting a small amount of Vaseline on the parts that are rubbing will put a barrier between your foot and your shoe and relieve the pressure. You can also put the tiniest bit on your eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

Do you have any of these goodies at your desk? Or maybe you have other favorites you just can’t live without. Let us know your must haves for your desk in the comments below!

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