What to Wear For Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s a very delicate balance your outfit requires for Thanksgiving. On one hand, you want to be stylish and nicely dressed for your family holiday. On the other, you need comfortable clothing that expands with the 25 pounds of food you’re about to consume. If you’re in a pickle trying to decide what to wear this Thursday, have no fear – Bella is coming to the rescue! We have a few outfit ideas that can hide your food baby and still leave you looking polished.

Go for a Festive Mini

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With the holidays in full swing, now’s the time to take out your most fun pieces. Feathers, sequins, tulle, this is the one month a year that pretty much anything goes. Avoid looking inappropriate by pairing your mini with a thicker, looser fitting long sleeve top. To make the look turkey time ready add a pair of your favorite tights and ankle booties.

Layer with Leather

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Don’t get crazy and put on your full leather cat girl costume or anything, but when done right, leather is a great accent to any outfit. Keep it to a single article of clothing and don’t pick anything too tight or revealing. Go for a cool leather jacket, moto boots or if you’re feeling really sassy, leather leggings. Just make sure to pair the leggings with a tunic so you are still Thanksgiving appropriate in Grandma’s eyes.

Jewel Toned Anything


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Jewel tones are a great addition to any fall outfit and are welcome with open arms during Thanksgiving. Emerald green, amethyst, gold, copper, ruby and sapphire look great on every skin tone. Make your outfit pop by pairing two different colors together, or go for a neutral outfit and bring the color in your accessories. We love mixing a midi skirt with a plaid top like the picture; it’s the perfect combination of dressed up and casual.

Mixing Prints


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“Don’t wear black and brown”, “Don’t wear black and blue”, “No white after Labor Day.” We are firm believers that rules were meant to be broken. Our most favorite fashion rule to break as of late is mixing patterns. Going against the grain on this rule definitely has the potential to get out of control however, mixing the right prints together can bring a whole look together. We suggest having one print be the louder of the two and sticking to a similar color palette.

Get Shifty


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Do we even need to go into why shift dresses are the best clothing item ever invented? Not only do they look good on practically every body type, but they’re also loose, flowy and free, allowing you to eat all the pumpkin pie you could ever want. The only side downfall to these dresses is that some may run shorter than others, especially when you raise your arms. We suggest giving the dress a test run in your room before making any final decisions.

Add a Little Faux Fur

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(Image via Southern Curls and Pearls)

Faux fur around the holidays brings a bit of edge and glamour to any outfit you add it to. Whether you choose a to go all out with a faux fur vest or keep it to a simple with a stole, it is the perfect cold weather accessory. If you’ve never tried the trend, we suggest sticking to a neutral color like a black or camel vest with skinny jeans and a white top for an ultra chic look.

Go Chunky


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Can you ever go wrong with a big, chunky knit sweater? We didn’t think so. It’s kind of like wrapping yourself in a hug, and you’re going to need that right before you slip into food coma. This trend can also get a little dicey if you raise your arms, similar to the shift dress. This is why we suggests choosing a chunky knit that is on the longer side so all of the necessary parts are covered when you are hugging your entire family. Pair it with dark skinny jeans, ankle or knee high boots and a statement necklace to give your comfy selection a holiday vibe.

When All Else Fails

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(Image via Boohoo.com)

We don’t want to call this the ultimate Thanksgiving outfit, but if you can get away with wearing a onesie to your Thanksgiving dinner, you should wear a onesie to your Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will you be infinitely comfortable, but you can also take a nap and then continue to eat without having to change your outfit. Win-win!

While the list above mentions a few specific outfits, we love mixing and matching these trends together to pull together the ultimate Thanksgiving look. Do you know what you’re wearing for Thanksgiving yet? Leave us a comment below telling us if your family dresses up for the big dinner or if you guys are more on the casual side.


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