Beauty Hacks You Need for this Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws near, so does the abundance of holiday party invites that flood your inbox. While it’s your prerogative to go out and buy a new outfit for every party you’re planning to attend, you can take your everyday makeup routine and make it ready with a few minor tweaks. These tips can also be used to change up your look when attending party after party and taking endless selfies at each one. If you’re going to an office party or got a last minute invite to a friend’s party, read our blog about the best beauty products to keep stashed at your desk so you’re prepared for anything.

Add a Pop of Lipstick 


If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to run home and get ready before a party, fake it by applying your favorite bright lipstick. While red is always a festive crowd pleaser, berry, pink, oxblood and plum lipsticks are all very trendy this season. Give your lip game a boost adding plumping gloss on top to really make a statement! (Image via Harpers Bazaar)

Always be in the Best Lighting


Give your face a little after work pick-me-up with strategically placed highlighter to look glowy and fresh. Highlighter is one of those beauty products that is simple to use, but packs a big punch. By placing highlighter, your choice of cream, powder or liquid, underneath the arch of your eyebrows, tops of your cheeks, the center of your nose and the Cupid’s bow on your upper lip, you’ll get that candlelight glow and look picturesque under all those Christmas lights. (Image via Bright and Beautiful Blog)

Make a Statement with Festive False Lashes


While fake eyelashes can seem a little challenging or difficult to work with at first, remember the payoff is worth the extra effort. You can easily take your look to the next level while looking more polished and put together by applying lashes. Since it’s the holiday season and there’s no such thing as too festive, now’s your time to experiment with fake eyelashes that have some flair. If you want to play it on the safer side, go for falsies that have glitter added to the lash line. If you want to throw caution to the wind, go all out and get full gold, sparkly lashes. Whatever way you decide to go, having statement lashes is less unpredictable and sure to be a party hit. (Image via InStyle)

Keep Your Hair in Place

bobby pins

No one wants to spend a lengthy amount of time on their hair just to have it fall out as soon as they get to the party. Get more bang for your buck by mixing your two favorite hair products together. Before adding bobby pins to your do, spray them with a quick coat of hairspray or dry shampoo to give them extra holding power. After everything is pinned into place, add another spritz of hairspray and voilà, your hair isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Image via Fighting Frumpy)

Removing The Dreaded Glitter Nail Polish


Let’s face it, most of us would rather do anything else than deal with trying to take off glitter nail polish ourselves. While that may be a little dramatic, we found an easy way to take off glitter nail polish so you can have fresh nails at every party. Tear cotton balls in half so you use one per two fingers. Dip the halved cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover so it’s saturated. Place it on your fingernail and then wrap with aluminum foil. Wait five minutes then unwrap. Press down on the cotton ball while removing it and see the magic of a clean fingernail underneath. (Image via Posh Beauty)

These are our tips for surviving the holiday party season, what are yours? If you have secret beauty tips that save time while making you look meet-me-under-the-mistletoe-ready, let us know in the comments below.

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