How to Throw a Bangin’ Holiday Party

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The holiday season is almost here and what a perfect time for you to take the reigns and throw your co-workers a little holiday shindig. While the idea of throwing your first holiday party can be daunting, we have some tips to help you throw a bangin’ party. So get out your thinking hats and the mistletoe, it’s time to get planning! Your friends can thank us later.


Plan For Anything and Everything

Holiday parties shouldn’t just be thrown together at the last minute without any thought or planning. Show your friends the best time and avoid mishaps by taking the time to think about what needs to be done and what to do if an emergency arises. Plan out a general roadmap for how you want the evening to go so guests aren’t wandering around confused or miss a special announcement you wanted to make during the event. Having a plan will also make getting everything together much easier since you thought things through. And while having a plan is important, remember that things can come up that you couldn’t possibly predict. Try to go with the flow and enjoy yourself and your time with your guests.


Themes Matter

Having a theme for your party is important for multiple reasons. For one, it makes planning the actual party easier since it narrows down your decor choices. It also helps guests get more excited since they know a little more going into the event and can dress for the occasion. You don’t have to have a full blown themed party if that’s not your thing, but having a loosely based theme will help you decide the decorations, food, music, drinks and your outfit.


Music Sets the Tone of the Party

Music is critical for a great party. You don’t want to bore your guests with music they don’t want to hear or blow anyone’s eardrums out because it is too loud. To our previous point, this is also where planning and a theme come into play. If you’re planning a more sophisticated holiday party, choose music that’ll enhance the atmosphere and won’t be too difficult to talk over. If you’re throwing a more lively party, make a playlist of popular, trendier music that’s easy to dance and sing to.


Pick a Great Venue

Picking a great venue that goes with your theme and fits all your guests comfortably is essential in having a successful holiday party. Whether you’re planning on having your house or apartment be the spot or you are renting a commercial space, get a second opinion and create designated party spaces. These spaces should include a bar, snack, sitting and dance area so your guests have room to enjoy themselves without bumping into people. If you’re renting a space, make sure to ask about capacity, party timeframe and alcohol and food limitations before committing.


Have Activities to Keep People Entertained

Having backup party activities is great to avoid any lulls in the evening. It’s a great way to break the ice in case all of your party guests are not familiar with each other. Try to plan games or activities that have people work together or in a group so no one feels awkward or left out.


Buy Extra Everything

The only thing worse than running out of snacks is running out of alcohol. Buy way more than you think you’ll ever need. You never know who will actually show up and who will bring someone they didn’t tell you about. You can never have enough chips, crackers, cheese, dip, cookies, wine or champagne. Just open as you go so you aren’t wasting anything you could have saved for another time.

With a little planning and some awesome champagne, your holiday party is sure to be a hit among your friends. Do you have a fun holiday hosting party experience? Tell us all about it in the comments below, we want to hear about it!

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