Hairstyles You Need to Try This Holiday Season

With everything else going on during the holidays, your hair is probably the last thing you think about…until after the fact. With office parties, family gatherings and Christmas card photos to take, you don’t want to look back and hate all the pictures because your hair was neglected. We’ve rounded up a few hairstyles that will look great for long, short and medium length hair. If you’re in a style funk or just want to step up your hair game, take a look at these hairstyles that you need to try this holiday season.


Curls with the Top Pulled Back


(Image via Real Simple)

Simple and to the point. This hairstyle is one of the quickest to accomplish and can be easily transformed from your everyday work hair. This look is perfect for second or third day hair too. First you start with loose, messy curls, give the topsides a little tease, and then section off your bangs/front section of hair. Make sure to tease the roots really well so you have volume, pull them back out of your face and secure with bobby pins or a sparkly barrette and you’re done!


Crown Braid


(Image via Little Miss Mamma)

While there are several different versions of this hairstyle, we like the crown braid the best during the holiday season. It’s romantic, fun and dresses up any outfit you pair it with. The crown braid is also extremely trendy right now and can be seen on a ton of celebrities at all different events. It can be a little tricky to get the braids down at first, but we know you can master it with a little practice. Click here for the full tutorial.


Hair Bow


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This look is for our daring divas (think Lady Gaga when she first came out.) While it may resemble something you would wear when you were six year-old, we think this hairstyle is so festive and fun. And really, if you can’t be a little over-the-top during the holidays, when can you be? You can be as pretty as a present in five easy steps.


Braided Top Knot


(Image via Pure Wow)

Braided top knots are a go-to hairstyle this season for multiple reasons. First, the look is relativity easy to recreate yourself with a little practice. It brings a romantic and whimsical feel to any outfit, instantly making you feel like a modern day princess. Lastly, braided top knots are casual enough for the office and easily transition to a party hairstyle, so you can do your hair in the morning and still be ready for cocktails at night. Here’s a simple tutorial.


Fishtail Braid


(Image via Holi Coffee)

Braids have blown up in the last year do to updated techniques and fun new styles. Fishtail braids look way harder to master than they really are and are almost like artwork for your hair. They also give a playful vibe when they are loosely constructed and pulled apart to be larger than life and a little messy. If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day give this tutorial a shot.


Teased Ponytail


(Image via the Beauty Department)

Give your normal ponytail a little more glamour by adding curls and volume. This is a great trick if you have thinner hair and want to perk up your pony without adding extensions. A teased ponytail can make a basic outfit feel fancy or put the attention on that fabulous new dress you just bought.


Just Add Headband


(Image via Daily Makeover)

A headband may seem like an everyday accessory, but adding a sparkly or holiday themed piece can instantly transform your hair. Whether you keep your hair down and simple or go for a glamorous up do, adding a headband can give you a completely different look. Since it’s the holiday season, the bigger and glitzier you go, the better!


Hair Roll Up


(Image via

Need a quick and easy hairstyle that still looks like you spent time getting ready? The hair roll up only requires a ponytail holder, bobby pins and less than a minute. To really add oomph and take it up a notch, pair the roll up with a hair pin, headband or other sparkly hair accessory to bring your whole look together.


Accessorize with Unexpected Accents


(Image via Deer Pearl Flowers)

Go on the hunt for unique hairpieces you can add to any hairstyle to instantly glitz it up. They don’t just look good; they are great conversation starters and will make you feel like you’re in the Hunger Games, minus the whole battle thing. Feeling really adventurous? Gold-foiled hair is so in right now, and looks amazing under all those Christmas lights. Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial.


Your hair is for sure going to grab people’s attention with one of these trendy hairstyles. Are you going to try one for an upcoming holiday party? Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below; don’t be afraid to share a picture or two of your do!


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