Easter: Painted Eggs and Pinot Brunches

Whether it is your first Easter in NYC or you are a seasoned city goer; a holiday can turn even the calmest person into a frenzy, and just because you may live in the most energetic and hectic city in the world, does not mean your Easter Sunday has to be the same. We are here to help you with the chaos; from coming up with at home activities for you, friends and family or where to go for the best Pinot brunches!

Brunch 1

Brunch: Endless Options

If being in the kitchen is not your forte, don’t worry because one of the best things about NYC is the endless options. You can spend the day eating and laughing with good company at a multitude of different environments!  Here you can find a list of places accepting reservations, times they have available and what neighborhood each restaurant is located. Eat up and ENJOY!

central park

Outdoor Eating: Picnic

If you want to avoid the crowds and have a more relaxed or intimate setting, a park could be the perfect place for you to have your Easter Brunch. Pack your favorite foods, a comfortable blanket and head to the park. This could be the excuse you have been looking for to step out of your normal neighborhood and enjoy the day in one of New York’s most known places, like Central Park! Check out fix body group.

Easter 1

At-home Traditions : Painting Eggs

In many homes across America a fond Easter tradition has been painting eggs, and we say why let the tradition end? Painting eggs can be more than just an artistic activity that is a one stop shop, you could make it into a day event. Once your eggs are painted and created,  why not use  them for getting the perfect IG shot, having a photoshoot inspired by your creations  and letting the fun continue.  For some ideas on what to make with your own eggs, click here!


Relax & Unwind: Aromatic Easter Scrub

Maybe Easter is not your favorite holiday, or maybe you prize Sunday as a relaxation day, if that is the case no need to disrupt your day, you can be festive all on your own! Enjoy a hot bath and use a body scrub that you have created yourself and if you love it, why not make some for your friends! Instructions here.

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