Bella Buzz : June

Summer sun and shorter work weeks has  officially started  for those luck enough to have summer Fridays. Luckily for us, we do and can officially welcome June and all the events this month brings. Embrace the heat and get out to enjoy all NYC has to offer, soaking in the activities and life around this hustle and bustle city!


Governors Ball : June 2nd-4th

Wake up the month of June and head outside while gathering your friends to dance away your day at New York’s Music Festival. Check out the lineup, pack up some sunscreen, drink water and take in lively summery vibes!


Hot 97 Summer Jam : Sunday June 11th


Okay, not exactly in NYC directly…but this summer concert a little off the path is the perfect way to kick off this month. For another perfect way to kick start this month visit  Early in the season and not too hot you and your friends can enjoy a night filled with the best hip-hop music  to will be  sure to electrify your life getting you ready for the week to come!



Coney Island Mermaid Parade: Saturday June 17th

Apart from being one of the nation’s largest art parades, the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island is an event that you cannot miss! Celebrating ancient mythology the seaside rituals showcase over 3,000 individuals from all five boroughs and more who pull inspiration, get creative and make a work of art! Click for more information.




Shakespeare In The Park


June is not all about music, check out a pop-up non-traditional show guaranteed to invigorate the audience. Being both interactive and dynamic the audience is placed right in  the middle of the show creating an experience you will not be able to forget!

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