Five Podcasts Every #BossLady Should be Listening too.


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For the women who are on their grind everyday, who are as ambitious as they are fabulous, and for those who know being successful isn’t always glamorous, keep reading. Being millennial women in the working world can be a challenge. Climbing the corporate ladder, maintaining a social life, eating three meals a day, and trying to maintain any romantic interaction you can get is really a lot to juggle. If you’re anything like this and find yourself running around the city in heels, getting to the office early while leaving late and really just faking it till you make it, these are for you. Podcasts can be a really great way to pass the time, whether you’re on the subway or working at your desk. These five podcasts all offer something different, from beauty advice, to financial advice and even making me laugh at my desk to the point where I have to stop myself from crying, these really offer something for everyone.

Fat Mascara:

For the beauty guru in you, listen up! What do you get when you drop Teen Vogue’s beauty and health director Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire’s executive beauty and health editor Jennifer Goldstein in a room together? You get a ton of candid adventure stories, brilliant beauty advice, celebrity interviews, and inside industry access. The beauty world is big and full of secrets, which they help you discover with the help of some of their favorite beauty insiders (Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown, MannyMUA). Delivered in a super comedic tone, they keep it real and frank, which will have you nodding your head in appreciation, laughing through it all and ultimately keep you coming back for more.

  Stuff Mom Never Told You:

Okay, this podcast covers pretty much everything. Stuff Mom Never Told You covers the challenges that women face everyday and have faced throughout history. They give you their rundown while simultaneously offering solutions that is geared towards helping further women’s lives as well as their careers. Listen every Wednesday and Friday to new hosts Emilie Aries, CEO of Bossedup and Bridget Todd a writer and activist who you can see penning articles for The Atlantic discuss anything and everything you can think of. From intersectional Feminism 101, Pantsuit Power Dressing, Getting Real About Adult Acne, The Unfinished Business of Working Class Equality, The Future of STD Testing and everything in between. You can find episodes on sexuality, how to further yourself at work, mental health and understanding women’s history in order to understand just exactly what women were and still are fighting for. Stuff Mom Never Told You is a fantastic go to for when you really need a dose of real mixed with a lot of good solid advice, just like mom (may have) never given you.


  Bad With Money With Gabby Dunn

What in the world is a 401K? Am I to young to start saving for retirement? Am I stupid for not knowing any of this? Don’t sweat it; I’m pretty sure this isn’t information that magically pops into your head as soon as you hit a certain age. It’s not like you turn 20 and a personal finance adviser appears on your shoulder whispering encouraging investment ideas into your ear. Gabby Dunn is a YouTube star who is a self described “bridge-burning livewire” who makes talking about money super easy and relevant. Especially focused on meillienal women who often times are the ones not included in these discussions. She is by no means a financial expert and she understands that money freaks us all out, so why don’t more people talk about it? Gabby brings along artists, financials psychologists and even her parents to help her listeners understand that being confused, and scared about money is totally normal. So if you have absolutley no idea what you’re doing, fake it till you make it and listen to this podcast that reminds you, it seems no one has a clue either.

 GirlBoss Radio

Listening to this is like having an older sister you never knew you needed. Sophia Amoruso is empowering and motivating as she uses her voice and platform to interview women who have made their mark on their fields. But this isn’t your cookie cutter podcast; politeness is put on the back burner for a no BS approach to solid advice and lessons they have gathered along their journeys. They really are here to help you while having extremely honest conversations about what it means to be successful. Chalk full of inspiration and laughs, GirlBoss Radio has been described as brilliant and is defiantly a podcast worth listening to.


 2 Dope Queens

May or may not have saved the best (and personal favorite) for last. This podcast has me dying at my desk on a daily basis. This podcast is like having two woke best friends in your pocket. These two are a comedic dream team and after listening to a couple episodes, the women you would want to get happy hour drinks with while discussing anything and everything. This is a live stand up comedy podcast, but it is nothing short of real. Phoebe Robinson (from Broad City) and Jessica Williams (from The Daily Show) are unapologetically themselves, and get real about what its like to not only be a black woman but what it entails to be a black stand up comedian. Being that they are from New York, preform in Brooklyn and often times discuss just what its like to be a woman in NYC I may be a bit bias. Regardless, they are super hilarious best friends who bounce off eachother in such a seamless rhythmic way; you can’t help but keep listening. Their discussions range from sex to relationships to pop culture and everything in between. The only thing that beats the diversity of the topics they discuss is the comedians they invite on the show to discuss said topics. This podcast attracts such an eclectic audience from all races, ages, religions and social classes. Rightfully so though, if you’re looking for some pure comedic genius to get you through your work day while discussing topics that are actually important to you, this is your show.

Being a #BossLady can mean a pleather of different things, but regardless of what it means to you, keep on keeping on. Fake it till you make it and never stop hustling for your dreams, they are a lot closer then you think.

Xo Bella

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