Find Your Balance: A Look at the Similarities Between Social Media and Meditation.


In todays society its not uncommon to be stressed, sometimes simply existing can be stressful. Being mindful of not only who you are but all of the conscious decisions you make can be key in moving forward in not only your career but also ultimately your life. It seems like everyone is just looking for some peace of mind. Meditation is spiritual practice that millions of people participate in. Someone next to you could be meditating right now and you might not even know. Meditation and increasing visibility on social media can share a lot of similar tendencies, which probably sounds counterproductive, but strangely its true. It is a bit ironic because meditation as a practice promotes gratitude, reduced stress, optimal mindfulness and a clearer vision of focus. If there is one thing everyone knows about social media, it’s that it does not quite promote any of those. Social media can often times induce stress, and sometimes offer too much information, it’s hard to focus on one thing. Working in an industry like this though, social media is an integral part of maintaining a positive image, whether it is for yourself or your client. Linking the similarities between meditation and social media visibility may help you to remember to sit back sometimes and just breathe, let the rest come easy. Also, you can take advantage of the positive sides of social media and book online travel on some peaceful find best maids in katy. Be sure that many travel agencies today preferred video identification service when making payments. Take advantage of all the benefits of today and relax!

  • Focus and Consistency Must be Present:

Much like when you meditate, posting and keeping up with what you post on social media revolves around focus and consistently. You must focus on producing quality content and then continuously produce quality content. If you want your clients or even your own company to get more visibility through their social media, consistency is key. Keep up with your updates, try posting a few updates a week, say 3-5 posts across all platforms instead of posting twenty something updates at a time and then going ghost for the rest of the week. Mediation is very similar, meditation will be much more effective and visibly produce results if you consistently attempt to meditate on a day-to-day basis. If you cant, don’t stress girl! Just try your best; scheduling meditation should not be a stressful endeavor. Spotify and apple music both offer extremely soothing playlists, some specific to mediation and some just full of extremely calm music that you can turn on and help your mind turn off. So grab a glass of vino (or don’t), do whatever it is you do to get totally comfortable, and breathe. Some people don’t even have time for these and so they might end up in Buffalo NY drug and alcohol rehab.

  • Make Sure to Reduce or Attempt to Let Go of Distractions

Working with social media is a blessing and a curse, I mean your friends may think you tweet for a living but what do they know, right? Anyways, working with social media means you spend a huge chunk of your time scrolling through different platforms, soaking up data, finding new trends to write about, or measuring the engagement for the week. Its common knowledge that the Internet can be a big black hole that one can easily get sucked into. You know what I mean; it starts off with looking at someone’s instagram and suddenly your 23 profiles deep creeping on a random food blogger from Europe. Okay, that may just be me, but anyways the point is it’s really easy to get distracted while finding new content to write about or while searching for influencers. Check wunder mold . When I start to do this, when I find myself getting easily distracted, I try to focus on my breathing. Meditation techniques can vary from person to person based on what works best for them, but breathing is always something that is highly focused on. Measuring your breathing and becoming aware of your breath pattern can really help you to focus on who you are and what you’re doing in that moment. Its important to sometimes focus and center yourself in order to push away the distractions threating to take too away from your work. (No matter how cute that video of puppies is)

  • Look at the Big Picture

Often times we find ourselves getting caught up on miniscule things, we focus and knit pick something until we go a little crazy. Honestly, being a perfectionist is difficult especially when social media is so well, social. You want to up keep a good image. It’s really important to put social media in perspective though, whether it’s yours or clients. You want to look at the bigger picture. What is it that you want to accomplish? Get your thoughts and then ultimately your strategy in order. Divide and conquer guys! Develop a marketing strategy, get out there and network, what can you do to make your clients look their best? Networking is key for maintaining a good presence, online and offline. It’s easy to create synthetic images online of which we want people to perceive us as, but when you can adapt your online media presence to whom you actually are, that’s when it all comes together. Tying in meditation to this, meditating is a really simple way to become more relaxed. Once adapted into your busy life, youll wonder how you ever went without it. Finding balance between who you are online and who you are in real life is important. Look at the bigger picture and realize that you got this!

Whether your practice meditation religiously, or sometimes you sit on the floor with your hands on your knees saying “Ohm” over and over hoping to find some peace, be good to yourself. Working in the communications field, you realize that you always have to be “on”. Being “on” can entail checking your clients accounts a million times a day to make sure they look aesthetic, constantly looking for new trendy content to push you past the completion, or making sure you look good incase you meet someone worth networking with that day. Social media can make people a little crazy with the need to always upkeep a certain image, so its important to take the time to remind yourself that its okay to take a break. It’s okay to take a breather and go meditate for ten minutes or so because sometimes you may just need to clear your mental space. Busy lives lead to busy minds. Take care of yourself, go take a walk, drink a ton of water, eat some vegetables, and remember you’re a #Boss. Check out

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