Breaking Into the Industry: Tips and Tricks from Bella PR

When you think of “Public Relations”, what comes to mind? Take a moment and think…maybe it’s celebrities, advertisements, Samantha from Sex and the City?

Wherever your mind takes you – we’re here to help guide. Before we dive into the inner workings of our PR (Public Relations) firm – first let’s define what “Public Relations” is and what PR firms do. Public Relations helps rebrand and maintain a positive public image of an organization, brand, or person. A Public Relations firm serves as a liaison (of sorts) between the public and the service the client (who hired the firm) is trying to sell, whether that service is a product, person, brand, or message.

A Public Relations team (such as our very own, Bella PR) would market and advertise our clients’ service through various platforms; from social media campaigns, events, public engagement, magazine publishing’s, and much more. The key is to always make sure that the messages we are promoting through these platforms embody the client’s mission and vision while attracting their target audiences.

Now for a more personal note from our PR firm…here are some quotes, tips, and insight from our team at Bella Public Relations:


“When starting out in the industry, it is not about how much money you make, it is about building and maintaining your relationships” – Marla Russo (Founder and CEO of Bella)

“Social Media is so important for people to know about when looking to go into Public Relations because it’s the one currency we all have and is all about telling your story so be mindful and aware that you tell a good one” – Leaura Luciano (Social Media Manager)

“If you go into this industry young with” style=”border: none; color: #66707a ; font-weight: normal !important; text-decoration: none;” > san diego, do not doubt yourself or your abilities too much. Trust your instincts and be open to all the learning opportunities around you. This industry is always changing and evolving, but so are we. Check out Click here and find ac repair in temecula . There is so much time and room for growth.”- Megan Wright (Account Executive)

“It’s not all glamorous, it’s a lot of hard work – this is not a 9-5 job. There will be a lot of nights and weekends you are working to get things done.”  – Susan Small (Vice President and beauty director)

“Public Relations is all about earned media, you’re not spending money to get placements but to build the relationship. Know all the media outlets and their editors so you can pitch something of interest and relevant to that editor” – Christine Bove (Senior Account Manager)

“You really have to think out of the box in this industry and make sure you’re always on top of the latest trends and news Trend forecasting is essential in Public Relations.”  – Lauren Freeman (Account Manager)

“Always ask a lot of questions and be nice to everyone! Also, if you can, look for a mentor to help guide you.” – Vanessa Paredes (Social Media Coordinator)

“Dont be afraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone”- Nicole Linnartz (Assistant Account Executive)

“Public Relations embodies many fields so something that may help is to look at the bigger picture by getting to know your coworkers and seeing if their values and life interests that led them to this career path align with yours (a lot can be learned from water cooler chatter – everyone was once an intern).  -Juliet Flynn (Intern)


Now with all that said…which PR firm are you going to hire/work for?? We hope you enjoyed learning about the Public Relations industry and our firm as much as we enjoy working for it!


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