Get Inspired To Explore With These 8 Cute Date Night Ideas!

Are you desperately in need of a date night and tired of playing the game of “I don’t know what do you want to do” with your partner? Dont fret, If you are running out of ideas here is a list that can inspire your next date!

#1: Be a tourist in your own city! (It can be cool sometimes okay) Rent bikes in Central Park and stroll through the tree-lined paths. This allows you and your partner to be active and not stuck on the couch (even though there is nothing wrong with that!). Try taking a cute picture for social media and make some unforgettable memories.


#2: It’s typical for couples to become repetitive by going out to eat at their usual restaurant spots (The one where you pretend to look at the menu and order the SAME thing every time). Switch it up by trying a trendy and aesthetically stunning place to eat. The city is flooded with restaurants to go to and more pop up each and every day! Luzzo’s takes Italian food to a different level with their heart shaped pizza, what’s more romantic than that? If that doesn’t get you excited then check out Pietro Nolita, the prettiest pink themed restaurant, or visit Souvlaki GR to experience the island of Mykonos in the heart of New York City.


#3: Sometimes you and your partner don’t want to spend money on an expensive dinner, we know it isn’t cheap! A fun and cheaper alternative is simply grabbing dessert, don’t just go to any ice creamery though! Taiyaki NYC offers a Japanese inspired dessert that has soft-serve ice cream that’s served in a fish shaped cone. If ice cream doesn’t cure your sweet tooth, definitely will. DŌ is cookie dough that you can eat and you can have the best of both worlds with their cookie dough ice cream sandwiches.


#4: Now you’re probably wondering if there is an activity you and your significant other can do that doesn’t involve calories. Well, Beat The Bomb is an escape room but with a catch. Your team has an hour to defuse a paint bomb before getting blasted! A protective outer layer protects your clothes, hair, and face so your favorite jeans wont get ruined. This takes the ultimate team effort and if you want, you can make it an exhilarating double date or you can play as a couple. Also, for cheaper rates try scheduling it during a weekday/


#5: Netflix and other streaming services have probably gotten in the way of your date night because you’re in the comfort of your own home and it’s easy. Syndicated is a cinema-bar-restaurant trifecta that plays classic movies for a whopping $3! Yes, you’ll have to venture out of the house, but you get to wine, dine, and enjoy a movie for reasonable prices in Brooklyn. To make sure tickets don’t sell out on your special night, stop in earlier in the week to purchase your seats after checking out the movie schedule on their website.


#6 Calling all cat loving couples! Meow Parlour is New York’s first unique cat café. For $35, couples can enjoy a tasty snack while playing with the most adorable cats. Another option is sign up to learn how to bake a pie while being surrounded by these furry friends or take up cat yoga. This could be a great way to convince your partner to even foster or adopt any of the cats at Meow Parlour!

#7Bury The Hatchet is an exhilarating activity for a date. Think of the game darts, but with an axe. If you’re a bit hesitant don’t worry! Instructors are best driver for beginners and they give safety briefings and a training session before anyone is allowed to begin their axe chucking. This can be a way to let go of some stress or get competitive with your partner. Take score and whoever loses buys dinner.


#8: Have a light-hearted evening at the Comedy Cellar, while munching on food and sipping on drinks. Their website has a list of their line-ups for each night so you can choose which comedians fit your humor. If you’re feeling daring, try picking the front row seats and the comedians may pick you out of the crowd. It could be hilarious to see your partner interact with the jokes thrown at them!


Whatever you and your partner decide to do, it’s possible to find magic & love all over NYC, sometimes you just have to get out there and explore.



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