Now that the digital age has taken over, having a cohesive social media and public relations strategy is less of an option and more of a necessity – especially for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. At Bella PR, our social media team works closely with the PR team to expand the reach of your press release and finds ways to keep the buzz going in between press hits.

“Content is fire and social media is gasoline.” – Ryan Kahn

Our Services

Contests & Giveways

Giving free products away is nice, getting something in return always makes the campaign a little sweeter. From building your e-mail list to growing your Instagram following or announcing a new product, Bella Public Relations strategically uses giveaways and contests to work in your favor.

Influencer Events

Although our team is compiled of digital experts, we all agree that there is nothing that truly beats a face-to-face meeting. To better connect with influencers, our team creates events that get influencers who connect with your target market Instagramming, tweeting and vlogging about your product in the same room.

Content Management

From creating daily posts to responding to customer comments, our team has you covered on all fronts. At Bella, we make sure to put your brand’s best foot forward across all platforms to better connect with your audience and grow your presence in the digital space.


To assess the success of your social media campaigns, our team creates detailed reports that identify which tactics worked best to connect with your target market. After learning from the data, our team then incorporates our findings into your social media strategy to continually optimize your digital strategy.

The social media team at Bella Public Relations works to give your brand a voice and visual aesthetic that creatively relates to your consumers and keeps your brand top of mind. From taking product photos and creating daily content to running influencer outreach campaigns and posting live from New York Fashion Week, our team makes sure that your brand is interacting with the right influencers at the right time to make the most meaningful impact.

Under our roof, the success of your social media campaign is a priority. We are always on the look out for creative ways for your brand to digitally connect with your potential audience. Like our PR team, we also think differently and encourage our clients to come along with us for the ride!


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