Bella’s Buzz – Our Favorite Moments from the Big Game

Between the yelling, the food and that halftime performance, we’re still taking in what a crazy time last night was. The game wasn’t as intense as everyone thought it would be, but the commercials sure didn’t disappoint. And even though it wasn’t our home team playing, we had an awesome time celebrating with friends and cheering the two teams on. Here are our favorite moments from last night.




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Let’s just be honest, football is great and all, but we’re here for the commercials. From the stampede of wiener dogs in hot dog costumes to the Super Bowl babies, there were a ton of great commercials last night. Doritos killed it with their multiple spots like they always do and how do we cast our vote for the Bud Light Party? We’d love to see Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen running things. You can catch up on watching them here.


Halftime Show


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Once we heard Beyoncé would be performing, we knew the halftime show was going to be amazing. Pair her with Bruno Mars and Coldplay and you have a very memorable performance. Our favorite was the mash up of all the past Super Bowl halftime shows over the years and the colorful signs the audience raised to spell out “Believe in Love.”




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Speaking of a killer performance, we vote Lady Gaga in for next year’s halftime show. She stole the spotlight when she gave an absolutely beautiful performance of the National Anthem to kick off the game. Sometimes we forget she is classically trained, but we loved that she didn’t hold back last night. As for other big moments, we’ll all have to wait and see if Peyton Manning will retire after winning his second Super Bowl, saying he didn’t want to base his decision on emotions right now. Cam Newton is also facing more criticism as he got upset during post interviews and walked away after only two minutes.


The Winner


(Image via NFL)

While both teams played a great game, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 and became the Super Bowl 50 champions! Congratulations to both teams, we were on the edge of our seats all night long.
That wraps up our favorites from last night. We had so much fun watching the game, and definitely ate way too much food throughout the evening. Were you surprised the Broncos defeated the Panthers? Tell us about your Super Bowl highlights in the comments below!


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