Today is the first really cold day here in NYC.  Actually this weekend it was pretty cold too but with the On Demand release of Eclipse (48 hr rental!!!) suffice it to say I didn’t go outside too much.  Today was a wakeup call though that winters in New York can get brutal.  And when you have desksides this whole week like yours truly, you need an outfit that can take you from frigid (outside) to freezing (inside) without looking like a total slump.  This is where I am really asking for help – seriously, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the blog and comment on your best tips and tricks for dressing up without freezing your booty off.

Marla inspired me this morning when she came in rocking a new pair of Uggs.  I know, Uggs are not new or special (and in fact I’m rocking a cargo pair right now that are pretty cute) but the great thing about Marla’s is that they provide all the comfort and warmth of regular Uggs but look like regular boots.  So you can wear them without looking like you’re wearing slippers.  I bought them online this morning and can’t wait 2nd business day to get them.

Another great staple I’ve found is the endless scarf.  I got a cute one the other weekend at the convincing of my older sister Anne and I have yet to take it off pacific dreamscapes.  They are cute enough to wear inside all  day without being asked where you are headed out to, super warm AND can also be pulled up over your head to keep your ears warm.  Gotta love a multi-tasker.


If I had it my way, I’d wear a sundress and sandels every day for the rest of my life so any amazing ideas on how to survive the winter in style would be very much appreciated!

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